Large Companies

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These companies encourage underclassmen to apply (although positions are open to all levels)

UPDATE: 2/12/17

While these companies have not closed their job listings, be aware that their recruiting cycles are nearing completion and these roles might already be filled. Try to reach out to recruiters through Stanford/handshake if attempting to apply for these jobs.

MongoDB – Software: 

Job Posting:


Northrop Grumman – Software, Engineering: 

Job Postings (They have some high school programs):


Quip/Salesforce – Software:

Job Posting:

Other Postings from Salesforce (usually sophomores and up):


Walmart eCommerce – Software: 

Job Posting:


Infosys Instep – Software:

Job Posting:


IBM – Software, Engineering: 

Location: Varies, Search for “internships” and select locations

Job Posting:


Cisco – Software Engineer Intern:

Location: San Jose, CA and others

Job Posting:


Visa – Software Engineering Intern:

Location: Foster City / Bay Area CA, TX, VA, and CO

Job Posting:


AT&T – Software Engineer Intern: 

Location: El Segundo, CA

Job Posting:


Qualcomm Software Engineering Internships:

Location: CA, CO

Job Posting:


Amazon – 2017 Software Development Engineer Summer Internship

Location: WA, CA, NY, others

Job Posting:


John Deere – IT, Operations Engineering, Legal: 

Location: Moline, IL

Job Postings: